John Stark

Born 08/28/1728 in Londonderry, New Hampshire
Died 05/08/1822 in Derryfield, New Hampshire


John Stark (August 28, 1728 – May 8, 1822) was a New Hampshire general who served in the American Continental Army during the American Revolutionary War. He became widely known as the "Hero of Bennington" for his exemplary service at the Battle of Bennington in 1777. He was married to Molly Stark.

Revolutionary War Continental Army Major General. John Stark was born in Londonderry, New Hampshire. He served as a captain in Roger's Rangers during the French and Indian War (1752-1760). At the outbreak of the American Revolution, Stark became a colonel of a regiment of New Hampshire militia. His first action was at Bunker Hill on June 17, 1775, where his heroic action kept the British from flanking the Colonials on Breed's Hill.

He was popular with his men and is remembered for his exhortations going into battle. He fought at the battles of Trenton and Princeton, but when he was passed over for promotion in 1777, he resigned and went home. However, when word of the capture of Fort Ticonderoga by British forces under General Burgoyne came.

Stark was called back to battle and given the rank of Brigadier General in the New Hampshire Militia forces. Stark faced a British and Hessian force that was going to Bennington, Vermont to capture colonial supplies. General Stark rallied his men with the battle cry "Tonight the American flag floats over yonder hill or Molly Stark sleeps a widow". With this, Stark and his men won the Battle of Bennington. This led to Burgoyne's surrender after the Battle of Saratoga on October 17, 1777, which some considered the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

At the end of the war, Congress promoted Stark to Major General. He returned to his farm in Manchester where he spent the rest of his life. He died in 1822, the last surviving American Revolution General.